Use Rotating Proxy in Elite Proxy Switcher

A tutorial on how to our rotating proxy service in our free proxy software Elite Proxy Switcher and Socks Proxy Checker.

We released new services Rotating Open Proxy service (unstable public proxies) and Rotating Premium Proxy service (stable premium proxies) recently.

You can use them with our free proxy software Elite Proxy Switcher (for HTTP proxy) and Socks Proxy Checker (for Socks proxy).

Fast Rotating Mode (Recommended)

First, set up IP authentication in the client area. Our proxy software doesn’t support username/password. You have to use IP authentication.

fast rotating proxy
Rotating Proxy IP Authentication

Second, add the Rotating Proxy IP & Port to Elite Proxy Switcher and then double-click it. Note: is just a demo proxy. You should use the one in your account.

EPS add the rotating proxy
Fast-rotating proxy in EPS

Now open to confirm your IP address has been changed. Every time you refresh the page, you will see a new IP address.

This website shows your IP address
This website shows your IP address

Slow Rotating List

In most cases, you should not use the proxy list (slow-rotating) mode. Use it only if you want to control the time for changing IP.

First, set up the IP authentication in the fast-rotating mode. The slow-rotating mode uses the same authentication as the fast mode.

Slow rotating proxy list
Slow-rotating proxy list

Second, add (copy and paste) the slow-rotating proxy list to Elite Proxy Switcher and double-click one of them.

EPS import proxies from the clipboard
Slow-rotating proxies in EPS

Now open to confirm your IP address has been changed. Now the IP address on the webpage won’t change if you refresh the page. The IP behind each slow-rotating proxy changes every 30 minutes.

Tips for Proxy Checker

1. Since rotating proxies are always working, you need not test them. You can use them directly.

2. If you still want to test them, use 5 threads. It’s because rotating proxies limit threads (concurrent connections). The default 20 threads will kill your connections to it.

Elite Proxy Switcher Settings
EPS Settings

Socks5 Proxy Mode

To use the rotating proxies in Socks Proxy Checker. Please use port 3000 as the fast-rotating Socks5 proxy and port 3001~3500 as the slow-rotating Socks5 proxies.

Rotating proxies in SPC
Rotating proxies in SPC